About Us


The Nicklas Gallery specializes in local ceramic art. Pots, mostly. It is comprised of hand picked artists who create handmade pots. And I think there are some good ones!

Located in Wallingford one block east of Woodland Park near Green Lake, this studio and gallery space is my next big leap after leaving an amazing two year artist residency program at Pottery Northwest. This lovely space houses my studio and a humble gallery. I think it will be a good place for me and a good place for pottery.

This space celebrates the diversity in ceramic art and makes it accessible for people to find quality pots. It is wonderful to surround yourself with simple handmade objects and integrate them into everyday experiences such as the comfort of your mug on a coffee break or passing around serving platters during home-cooked meals. Regardless of the occasion there is something for everyone. Stop in, I will be in the back throwing pots…


This gallery is about creative work, craft and community. It is our duty to own our creativity and invest it in our every day practice. I think pottery is a wholesome ally in this regard. Pottery infuses artful practice in everyday objects. It plays a supporting role in food, flowers and folly (you gotta put whiskey in something – and you should never trust anything you can see through!) Come by - I would love to show you some pots. In the mean time please look at the artists page for available work.

Enjoy the pottery: Hoorah!

drew nicklas